Barracuda Finance Company

Discrete Portfolios

For our clients we tailor investments portfolios to their a specific requirements taking into account their risk profile, anticipated hold period, income or capital growth aspirations, tax / holding structure, utilizing a fully integrated investment management service at every stage of investment portfolio life cycle.

In co-operation with our clients, we will articulate a clear destination, a high order route map by which to get to the destination, measurable outcomes to determine whether or not we have arrived at the destination, and a guideline of the risk-return profile to expect from the investment of their assets.

We will measure the performance of the advancement in plan implementation and record actual outcomes of activities, ensuring that the clients will achieve their goals and so attain their vision.

Structured Portfolios

Barracuda Finance Company is dedicated to provide comprehensive financial advise and to deliver quality-structured investment products for the astute investor.

Investors are expoused to top performing securities through a careful portfolio construction that combines a variety of strategies to mitigate the risks associated with individual securities and thus preventing over-concentration in any style, strategy, adviser, asset class, timeframe, sector, region or financial instrument. Our investment portfolios attempt to capitalize on the opportunities available across the entire asset-class spectrum.

As asset manager, Barracuda Finance Company seeks to create wealth for its clients over the long-term looking after their portfolios, monitoring the markets day by day and with access to the latest market research, adjusting investment portfolios to equilibrium across different business cycles, regions and asset classes.


Using our advisory services, clients of Barracuda Finance Company will realize untapped market potential and maximize value by:

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Focusing on Core Activities
Assuring Confidentiality
Accessing Expertise
Gaining Flexibility
Reducing Cost